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Walwood Place

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bullet The name "Walwood" was created by combining the names of Dwight WALdo, President, with Leslie WOOD, head of Geology Department.  Walwood Hall and Walwood Place were each named after these prominent Western figures.

bullet From its inception Western has relied heavily on the resources of the surrounding neighborhoods to provide housing for students, faculty and staff, and to supply office or academic space as needed.  The first graduating class and the first Training School classes were taught in leased facilities.

bullet By the time the Training School building (housing grades K through 8) was completed in 1909, Western-related activities were highly visible throughout the area.  Tennis courts and athletic fields were constructed and the cable car and tracks were added in 1908.  Training School students enjoyed playgrounds and gardens, many of which were located in the yards of the faculty residences on Walwood Place, just south of the Training School.

bullet The Walwood Place houses were in continuous use through the 1960s.

Detail from 1927 campus map
bullet1927 Map

bullet 1959 Campus Map

The above map detail shows Walwood Place as a lane or alley running behind the houses (labeled 'a' through 'f').  Garages, or some sort of secondary structure, line up along the alley, behind the houses, while a sidewalk runs past the front of the houses.


The houses were known by many names over the years.  Below is a list with names corresponding to the map detail above:

Hadley House (faculty residence);
Bartoo House (faculty residence);
Panhellenic House

Howson House (faculty residence);
Storey House (faculty residence);
Colhecon House

Schoonmaker House (faculty residence);
"Ty House" (offices for the Herald* and the Brown and Gold**)

Sprau House (faculty residence);
Special Education Building;
Faculty residence;
Guidance Building

Ross House (faculty residence)

*The Western Herald, the college newspaper, was started in 1916.

** The Western yearbook was started in 1906 and later named the "Brown and Gold."


Howson/Storey House
b. Howson/Storey House - 1940s
Sprau House
d. Sprau House - 1940s
Ross House
f. Ross House - 1940s

Theodosia Hadley with students
Gardens were also cultivated on the other side of Oakland Drive where Spindler Hall now stands.

Training School garden in front of Hadley House
a. Hadley House garden plot, looking up at Training School.
Bartoo House
a. Bartoo House - 1960s
Bartoo/Hadley House
a. Bartoo/Hadley House - date?
Bartoo House
a. Bartoo House - 1940s
Schoonmaker House
c. Schoonmaker House - 1940s