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Peter the Great Monument

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bullet Peter the Great was an internationally known harness racing champion in the 1890s, bred and raised on the Streeter farm in Kalamazoo.  The Oaklands, the Italianate building near the Seibert Administration Building, was the Streeter family residence.  The home and property were acquired by the university as part of the large property purchase in 1944.  The boulder and plaque honoring Peter the Great is located next to Seibert Administration Building, on the northwest side of the building.

Boulder with memorial plaque near Seibert Admininstration Building

Close-up of memorial plaque to Peter the Great
Text on plaque:
'On This Farm Was Born The Trotting Stallion and Sire
PETER the GREAT 2.07 1/4
Bred By D. D. Streeter
Trained & Driven In Kentucky Futurities By Peter W. Johnston'

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