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Peace Poles

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bullet Dedicated / installed 2004. Wood and acrylic. Located on the south lawn of Sangren Hall, and the south lawn of Goldsworth Pond.

Note:  The Peace Pole near Sangren Hall has been relocated during Sangren Hall construction.


"May Peace Prevail on Earth"



"From the WMU Students and Community

"I claim to be no more than an average
person with less than average ability.
I have not the shadow of doubt that
any man or woman can achieve what I
have, if he or she would make the same
effort and cultivate the same hope and faith."

- Mohandas Gandhi

Peace Pole near Sangren Hall

The above photo of the lawn near the southwest corner of Sangran Hall shows one of two Peace Poles installed on the WMU campus. (Also shown is a sculpture from the University Art Collection, "untitled", by Charles Huntington, which has been relocated to the West Entrance Roundabout.)

From the WSA News, Volume1, October 2004:

Peace Pole Dedicated

On Tuesday Seprtember 21, 2004, an almost two-year long project, originally conceived by the WSA Campus Concerns Committee, reached its culmination. At noon, President Bailey, City Commissioner Cooney and numerous other faculty, community members, and students gathered near Sangren Hall for the Peace Pole dedication ceremony, a tribute to International Day of Peace and the unveiling of two new permanent monuments here on campus. The two Permanent Peace Poles that now stand near Sangren Hall and Goldsworth Pond have written on their sides "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in a total of 12 different langruages. The poles were a result of a collaborative effort between the Western Student Association, the office of the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Kalamazoo Non-violent Opponents to War, the Muslim Student Association, and the Progressive Student Alliance. With an indefinite lifespan, the permanent poles will stand as a beacon of reality reminding us of our vital role as young leaders in a changing and ever-malleable world. Thanks to all that helped with this noble effort!



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