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1910 Postcard
Western State Normal School

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1910 postcard for Western State Normal School
East Hall as we know it today is almost complete in this picture.  The original Administration Building with its cupola was completed in 1905.  Additional classrooms plus the Gymnasium were added in 1906-07.  The Training School - a functioning elementary school for on-site teacher training - was built in 1909 on the south side of the Administration Building.  The gap between buildings is not visible from this view, but an "annex" connecting the Training School with the main building will not be built until 1947.  Note that the Library, or North Hall, is not seen - it will not be built until 1924.

The tennis courts and trolley tracks depicted above are also depicted on the 1925 Campus Map.  Two cable cars ran on the tracks; one went up the hill as the other went down.  The Campus Trolley - also known as "Normal's Railroad", "Western Railroad" and "Toonerville Trolley" ran from 1908 until 1949.  A sign commemorating the Trolley, a gift from the Class of 1949, stands on the south side of East Hall.



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