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WMU Permanent Art Collection: Outdoor Sculpture

"The Committee", by Albert Lavergne

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"The Committee", by Al Lavergne"The Committee", by Al Lavergne"The Committee", by Al Lavergne

Dedicated / installed in 1999. Fabricated steel; 16' x 12' x 7'. Located between Wood and Rood Halls.

Artist's Statement: "This sculpture consists of four larger-than-life figures in an acrobatic configuration. This composition, fabricated in steel, was an investibation both in process and human anatomy. The piece addresses the conflict between human limitations and spiritual expectations. The struggle to achieve and maintain physical balance develops a spiritual harmony."

Albert Lavergne has been a member of the faculty of the School of Art since 1990.
For his personal website go to http://allavergne.com/.

Photographs used with permission of artist.