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Site Parameters

from Parkview Campus Master Plan, page 2


"Site Parameters:
"The development site is located on the east side of US 131, approximately one mile north of I-94, in the extreme south-west corner of the city of Kalamazoo.  The Western Michigan University main campus is located about 3 miles north-east of the site.

"The site is an undeveloped farming tract with little vegetation and little topographical distinction except for the fringes of the site.  The major natural site features consist of the remnants of two tree hedgerows, a shallow gully in the south center edge of the site with some mature trees and other mature growth in the north-east and the far south (unbuildable ) areas of the site.

"An old historical farmstead is located on the center north edge of the property, the assumed home of the first black farmer in the area.   Just south of the farmstead some of the land is used by Western Michigan University as a tree nursery.  Just west of the farm property Western Michigan University maintains 3 soccer fields for their sports program, which will be absorbed into the BTR when and if necessary.

"The site is bordered by undeveloped rural land to the north, the upscale Parkview Hills Residential Neighborhood east and south of the property and undeveloped rural farmland west of the site, across US 131.

"The first portion of the master plan is being initiated at the present time with the creation of the central landscaped campus greenspace, surrounded by a one way loop road.  In addition to being a functional basin for controlling storm water runoff, it is intended to be an ecological centerpiece and the focus of the entire BTR development."

Site Parameters for Parkview Campus Master Plan