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Landscape Concepts

from Parkview Campus Master Plan, page 19.

The purpose of this diagram is to indicate the  conceptual approach to the various segments of the campus landscaping. 

The landscape is intended to amplify certain geometries of the buildings, enhance their setting and control the amount of "manicured" landscaping for practical purposes. 

As the setting for an engineering campus, the landscape is intended to mediate between the manmade and the natural, reflecting on the concept of engineering as laws of nature being gradually revealed to man."

  1. Geometrical landscape area; "The Field"  
  2. Upper pond
  3. Middle pond
  4. Lower pond
  5. Manicured grass berm               
  6. Existing tree hedgerow
  7. "Natural" landscaped buffer                 
  8. Existing tree mass
  9. Landscaped parking island    
  10. Central landscaped area
  11. Meadow  
  12. Landscaped berm

Landscape Concepts, Parkview Plan; page 19