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from Parkview Campus Master Plan, page 1

bullet The purpose of the Master Plan is to establish a strong direction for the development of the Western Michigan University College of Engineering and Applied Sciences campus on the 160 acre parcel of land located in the far southwest corner of the city at the intersection of US 131 and Parkview Avenue, known as the Lee Baker Farm.

bullet The engineering campus, consisting of approximately 78 acres, will be the anchor of a business-technology research park (BTR) encompassing most of the remaining acreage and being built out in subsequent stages.  The BTR will contain business and research facilities that will maintain independent but close ties with Western Michigan University and the College of Engineering, attracting private spin-off businesses.

bullet Additionally, major portions of the remaining land will be dedicated to a central 20 acre green-space and a generous 70 acre natural landscape buffer between the development and the adjacent high-quality residential neighborhood.  An existing historical farm will also be preserved by the University.

bullet Design standards will be developed that will maintain the aesthetic quality and spirit of the entire development and function as practical guidelines for future buildings.

bullet The campus has been designed with several important goals in mind:

    • Partnership with the city and community.
    • New campus, not an extension of the existing.
    • A progressive image.
    • A good neighbor.
    • Visible presence on US 131.
    • Environmentally responsive.
    • A visually open environment promoting communication and contact.
    • A commuter campus, using parking as an amenity, not a drawback.
    • High degree of flexibility.

bullet These and other program guidelines will form the basis of the design.

bullet The main program components of the new engineering campus will include the following:

    1. Academic teaching, lab and support space of approximately 350,000 GSF, including the departments of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Civil and Construction Engineering, Materials Engineering and Industrical Design, and Paper & Printing Science / Chemical Engineering.
    2. A 50,000 GSF Pilot Plant for Paper Technology.
    3. Student and faculty parking decks for approximately 1,000 cars.
    4. An Energy Resource Center for the campus including possible utility service for the BTR.
    5. Infrastructure and landscape development for the campus and common areas.

bullet The vision for the new campus is an efficient, highly flexible set of structures, building on the relative isolation of the college from the main campus as an opportunity to pioneer, innovate and establish a unique identity for the college and the research campus surrounding it.


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