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Development Master Plan

from Parkview Campus Master Plan. page 4.


"The master plan for the campus is oriented around the existing natural gully draining the land to the southeast.  It is envisioned that this natural feature will be enhanced by a manmade pond connected to the other pond in the central landscaped area within the loop road.  Stream flow will be controlled by a manmade waterfall and rapids running under the buildings in the center of the complex.  It will be gathered at a dammed area downstream and pumped back up to the pond to be recirculated.

"The campus buildings will be oriented in three wings radiating from a central circular 'hub' area spanning over the stream.  The central hub will be 3 stories high and, in addition to the lobby, will contain centralized service and common areas for students, faculty and public, providing the linkage between all three wings.

"The one-story Pilot Plant for Paper Technology will be located west of the central hub, surrounded by curvilinear landscaped berms on the north and south sides.  The Energy Resource Center will be located west of the Pilot Plant, on the other side of the existing tree hedgerow.

"Two-story academic buildings will extend roughly south and east from the central hub area, containing teaching areas, offices, meeting rooms and laboratory areas.  A service and truck dock area will be located in the crook between the pilot plant and the west academic wing.  The main student and faculty parking will be located on two 2-story decks south of the academic wings, half buried in the grade.

"The parking will be accessed by the east and west circular access roads from the central loop road.  The main campus visitor entrance will be along the circular front drive with approximately 20 visitor parking spaces.  Pilot Plant visitor and service traffic will come in on the west access road."

  1. Energy Resource Center
  2. Central landscaped area
  3. BTR parcel
  4. Incubator parcel
  5. Historical farm 
  6. College of Engineering and Applied Science
  7. 300 ft. wide buffer zone
  8. Paper Technology Pilot Plant
  9. Parking decks 
  10. Existing soccer fields - future BTR parcels
  11. Pond
  12. Existing gully
  13. Campus sign

Parkview Campus Development Plan; page 4