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Aerial View of Oakland Drive Campus Before CHHS Construction

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bullet Below is an aerial photo of the Oakland Drive Campus taken in 2000.  The tree-lined Oakland Drive is at the bottom of the photo.  Looking across the valley and Stadium Drive, the Student Recreation Center and Read Fieldhouse are at the top of the photo.

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Oakland Drive Campus, 2000 Water Tower Hospital quadrangle and administrative offices June M. Sherman Interfaith Chapel (steeple visible only) WMU Power Plant Stadium Drive Read Fieldhouse Student Recreation Center Future CHHS building site

bullet Below is the same photo of the campus, superimposed with footprints of 1940-era hospital buildings. Note that the hospital quadrangle is not yet complete, and an unconnected building (a chapel) occpies one corner.  A new chapel (now called the June M. Sherman Interfaith Chapel) would eventually be built near the finished quad. The large footprint near the center of the photo is the Female Center. A companion building, the Male Center, was located on the other side of the quadrangle.  The building site for the Female Center was selected as the location for the future College of Health and Human Services building.

Old chapel building, before completion of hospital quadrangle