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Western Michigan University
Building Timeline ~ 1954-1963

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Service garage added to Maintenance Building
Elmwood Apartment  units B, C, and H
The Elmwood Apartments were Western's first married student housing. They replaced the trailers that had been installed to house returning WWII vets and families.

Bertha Davis Hall

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1961 aerial photo of Davis, French and Zimmerman Halls Zimmerman Residence Hall Davis Food Commons Davis Residence Hall French Residence Hall

Bertha Shean Davis served first as a music instructor in 1914, then as Dean of Women from 1917 until 1947.

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Davis Food Commons

Renamed Western Michigan College

Zimmerman Hall
Elisabeth T. Zimmerman was one of Dr. Waldo's first hires in 1905. She taught German and Latin at Western for 40 years.
Elmwood Apartments - units J-M
Physical Education Building
Dedicated as the Gary Physical Education Center. Mitchell J. Gary was Chairman of the Department of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation from 1952 to 1957, and Head of the Men's Athletics Division from 1952 to 1968. His career first started as Western as a teacher in 1928.

Ellsworth Hall

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Frank Ellsworth was Director of the Campus Elementary School from 1916 until his death in 1938.
Student Center and Residence Halls Student Center (Bernhard Center) Henry Residence Hall Bigelow Residence Hall Hoekje Residence Hall Ellsworth Residence Hall Administration Building (Seibert)
Renamed Western Michigan University
WMU was organized into five Schools: Applied Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Graduate Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Elmwood Apartments - units N-Q

Student Center

The Student Center would be renamed and dedicated the John T. Bernhard Center in the late 80's, after Western's fifth president.

Western's Student Center was first completed in 1956, with subsequent additions in 1964 and 1989.
Henry Hall
Dr. Theodore S. Henry was a member of the Psychology Department from 1917 to 1948, serving as chair from 1939 to 1948.
Field House
Dedicated as Read Field House. Herbert W. Read, hired as an assistant football coach and physical education instructor in 1919, served as the men's basketball coach from 1922 to 1950.
North Side of Waldo Library

Dr. Dwight Bryant Waldo, Western's first president, served from 1904 until 1936.

Additions were constructed in 1967 and 1991.

Original use - first floor, Waldo Library
University Farm deeded to WMU by State of Michigan
Addition to McCracken Hall: the Paper Industries Laboratories.
Hoekje Hall
Hoekje Hall during construction - east facade (photo 1959)
John C. Hoekje came to Western in 1916 as an instructor. He was appointed Registrar in 1921 and Dean of Admissions in 1945. He retired in 1955. He also directed the Extension programs from 1917 to 1947.
North Valley Apartments
Later renamed Goldsworth Valley Apartments.
French Hall
Anna L. French was Western's head librarian from 1918 until her retirement in 1946.
Aviation Classroom Facility (located near the Kalamazoo Airport)
Dr. James W. Miller appointed President
Dr. James W. Miller
Dr. James W. Miller was Western's third President, serving from 1961 to 1974.

Bigelow Hall

Bigelow Hall - south facade and entrance (photo 1961)
Named after economics professor Howard F. Bigelow, who taught at Western from 1924 until his death in 1961.
Grace and Mary Moore Hall

1968 view of Moore Hall from roof of Friedman Hall

Named after Grace and Mary Alice Moore. Grace operated the campus school lunch room and then the Walwood Union food services until 1940. Mary taught Home Economics from 1911 to 1947.
Leslie H. Wood was Western's first teacher of the natural sciences, and served in the Geography Department until his death in 1933.
North Valley Residence Unit #1
Valley Residence Complex
Later named Goldsworth Valley Unit #1