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1983 Land Use Report

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"An Analysis of Land Use on Properties Owned by Western Michigan University"
Prepared by Jay Plucinski, Department of Geography, February, 1983, from a grant from William J. Kowalski, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Engineering at Western Michigan Engineering

(Text from page 1 of report.)

"The objective of this study was to analyze five parcels of land owned by Western Michigan University which are not contiguous to the main campus. These parcels are known as the Arcadia Tract, Kleinstuck PReserve, the University Farm, the Milham Road Property, and the Airport Property. The goal of this study was to provide sufficient information about these sites from which rational decisions could be made regarding their future use.

"All parcels of land both developed and undeveloped possess potentials for certain uses. The number of possible uses for a specific site are based on natural and cultural characteristics of each site. These characteristics make it possible for land to be developed in numerous ways. This study intends to identify the uses that are appropriate or inappropriate for the five parcels owned by Western Michigan University. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the analysis of physical, social, economic, and aesthetic aspects of each site. The needs of western Michigan University, the local community, and the entire Kalamazoo area were also considered. All of the conditions from which these conclusions and recommendation are based, are from the most recent data available and the author assumes the resonsibility for any misrepresented or inaccurate information. Future conditions may alter some of the results and require revision and updating of these studies."


Location Map
University Farm Location Map

Land Use Map
Land Use Map, 1983

Soils Map (color added)
Geographic Soils Map, 1983

Vegetation Map (color added)
Vegetation Map, 1983


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