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2004 Parkview Campus Map

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Window wall on west side of Energy Resource Center

bullet The Parkview Campus Master Plan provides guidelines for developing the Parkview Campus and the Business, Research and Technology Park.

bullet Construction on the former Lee Baker Farm began in 2000 and included

  • the loop road,
  • utilities infrastructure,
  • the stormwater retention system,
  • environmentally-friendly landscaping (indigenous species, including prairie grasses),
  • parking ramps, and
  • buildings for the College of Engineering, the Energy Resource Center (ERC), and the Coating Paper Pilot Plant.

bullet The first tenants of the Business, Technology and Research Park began arriving in 2001, and the ERC was completedl. The Pilot Plant opened and was dedicated in the fall of 2002 and the College of Engineering building opened for classes in August, 2003.

bullet Traffic flow, parking issues, and class-change traffic issues between the Parkview and Main Campuses were concerns of both the city of Kalamazoo and the University.  A series of meetings involving WMU faculty, students and staff and representatives of the Metro Transit System led to a transportation plan that was implemented fall 2003.

bullet The transportation plan focused on reducing traffic between the campuses, so separate parking passes were issues for each campus.  The University contracted with Metro Transit to provide a new Parkview Express Route serving key student housing areas on and off campus, including apartment complexes along Drake Road and West Michigan and KL Avenues. Because freshman would typically have more classes on the Main Campus than at Parkview, they were anchored to the Main Campus and required to use the Express bus for Parkview travel.




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