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bullet In 1998 the Department of Campus Planning produced studies of campus facilities, land use, and development issues. These were used as preliminary studies for the 2000 Master Plan.

bullet Stadium Drive roughly divided WMU into East Campus and West Campus, with the Power Plant and the Stadium Drive Apartments grouped with West Campus. In order to simplify discussions of planning issues additional sections were defined as North and South Campuses, reflecting both geography and land use.  These are shown below. 

Illustration of north, south, east, and west campus designations

bullet The South Campus included the Kalamazoo State Psychiatric Hospital grounds and buildings, which were officially turned over to the University in 1998.  The darker shape in the drawing identifies the properties leased back to KRPH for continued use by the hospital.  The University's 'Outlying Properties', such as the Lee Baker Farm, the Arboretum, and the Kleinstuck Preserve, had no "campus" designation at this time.

bullet In 2000, after the start of planning for the new College of Engineering building and the Business, Technology, and Research Park, the Lee Baker Farm property was renamed the Parkview Campus.  At the same time the South Campus was officially named the Oakland Drive Campus, and was being studied as the possible site of a new College of Health and Human Services building.

WMU Campus Survey

August 1998

The Campus Survey expresses the mission, values and philosophy of the Department of Campus Planning, and analyzes each campus region for its strengths and weaknesses.

Click for Survey  (pdf, 2.3 MB)

WMU Campus Development Issues

October 1998

Cover for 1998 report

The Campus Development Issues report is a formal review of the campus relative to the 1970 Campus Development Plan.  The report focuses on how current campus conditions and issues do or do not meet the goals of the 1970 Plan, and what aspects of the 1970 Plan need revision or updating.

Click for Report  (2.05MB)



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