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1972 Bicycle Path Study - Enlargement

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1972 Bicycle Plan


North Arrow Goldsworth Valley Residence Hall > Sangren Hall University Student Center Bike Paths:  A Preliminary Study for WMU Robert L. O'Boyle Assoc., Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1972 Define bike lane with solid white line 2-3' from curb > Typical interaction of bike paths and existing roads Student Services Building Wood Hall Major pedestrian circulation and congregating areas.  Allow bikes and pedestrians to merge and interact. Most Desirable - System C Least Desirable - System A Possible Bike Systems Basic Premises In bike systems distance is not as great a problem as are steep slopes and abrupt grade changes. The best possible system for bike ciruclation is one without pedestrian and/or behicular conflicts. Ideally, the bike system should be a one way system. Adequate bike storage and parking space should be provided where need is shown. Use existing pedestrian system: the advantage of this approach is one of minimal cost because a basic system exists.  A serious disadvantage is the conflict between bikes and pedestrians, also because of topographic conditions - many of WMU's walks have steps. Use existing road system: the advantages of this system include minimal cost because of existance of a basic system, and no conflict with pedestrian traffic. Disadvantages of this system, which may limit use of this system, include too narrow streets, streets with excessively steep ghrades and conflicts between bike and pedestrian traffic. Separate bike path system: the advantages are no conflicts with either pedestrian or auto traffic. Disadvantage is high initial installation costs. Bicycle storage / 'parking lot' Bicycle stand d curb cut / bike ramp Curb cut Gary Physical Education Center Read Fieldhouse Hoekje Residence Hall Ellsworth Residence Hall Possible bike paths Use roll curb section where bike path crosses road, carry bike path across road. Gilkison Avenue Existing road Vande Giessen Road West Michigan Avenue West Michigan Avenue Stadium Drive Howard Street Stadium Drive Apartments Bike paths part of existing roads=[heavy dashes] Separate bike system=[light dashes] Bike storage locations= [asterisk]