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University Magazine - Cover

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1970 University Magazine cover The Burnhams residence halls Mary Moore Hall (residence hall) Waldo Library Maybee Music Hall McCracken Hall Kanley Chapel and Bell Tower Wesley Foundation (private property) Wood Hall Instructional Facilities Complex (Knauss-Dunbar-Friedman) Brown Hall Sprau Tower Shaw Theatre University Auditorium (Miller Auditorium) Proposed reconstruction and changes to Vande Giessen Road Proposed pedestrian way - the Dalton Promenade West Michigan Avenue Gilkison Avenue

"COVER ILLUSTRATION" (text from inside cover of magazine)

"This architectural color sketch depicts the future aerial view one would see looking south from a point about over the Health Services building after WMU's pedestrian campus concept is partially implemented. It shows Vande Giessen Road closed off south of Michigan Avenue and replaced by a tree and shrub-lined pedestrian parkway. Michigan Avenue runs from left to right across the bottom of this sketch.

Later when the pedestrian campus concept is completed, as shown in the color drawing, the Campus Development plan, Michigan Avenue will also be closed off in this area in the cover sketch. McCracken Hall, Kanley Chapel with its bell tower, and Wood Hall dominate the foreground along Michigan Avenue's southside in this sketch, which was prepared under the direction of WMU's Campus Planning Department. See "Return of the Pedestrian" for an analysis of the needs for and gains from the pedestrian campus plan by Dr. Myron L. Coulter, WMU Vice President for Institutional Services."