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bullet Below is a selected graphic from the 1970 Campus Development Plan report. Buildings are shown in two colors: black for existing buildings and red for proposed buildings.  The total estimated square footage for the proposed new buildings was based on a square feet per student allocation, also called the facility/student ratio, and on an enrollment of 22,000 full-time students.  Each building was assumed to have three floors, so that each footprint represented one-third of the proposed total square footage.

bullet In 1970 the ratio of students to facilities was significantly lower than that projected in the Plan.  The projected number was based in part on expectations of growth in graduate programs and research,  which would also require growth in faculty numbers.  In addition, the 1970 ratio did not reflect the numerous faculty offices and fine art studios occupying rented houses in the adjacent west side neighborhoods. Eventually these would be provided for on the main campus.

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1970 Development Plan West Michigan Avenue West Michigan Avenue Goldsworth Pond Oakland Drive Oliver Street Howard Street Proposed Howard Street Extension Stadium Drive




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