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1958 photo of Burnham Residen Hall

bullet By 1959 the campus of Western Michigan University has begun to take the shape we know today, with continued development both north and south of West Michigan Avenue.  The completion of a third dormitory, Hoekje Hall, almost finishes the planned cluster around the Student Center.  The North Valley Apartments (Goldsworth Valley Apartments) add more married housing, and another Women's Residence Hall (French Hall) is under construction near Davis and Zimmerman Halls.

bullet However, there are differences from 1959 and today even with the completed buildings. The Student Center (the Bernhard Center) will have a major addition in 1964 to house the Bookstore (previously in the Administration Building), and meeting rooms.  A new bowling alley is included in the addition.  (There are stories of how the lanes were moved from the old location to the new on a sequence of rollers, as the ancient Egyptians are thought to have done with the pyramid blocks.) 

bullet McCracken Hall, its first addition just completed, will grow again in 1968, and then again in 1985.  Waldo Library, brand new in 1958, will be added to in 1967 and in 1991.  The Physical Education Building and the Field House will see major renovation in 1994.

bullet It is interesting to note that the 1959 map has the first reference to "Stadium Drive", instead of U.S. 12.  It is also the first official West Campus map to be oriented with north at the top.




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