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WMU Facility Guidelines

This is an older, not current set of guidelines. It is here for reference.

Our newest set of guidelines can be found at:

These are general university specifications, organized into divisions by the Construction Specifications Institute. These documents are for reference only, and it is the contractors' responsibility to check with the appropriate department(s) for current specifications. For information about particular projects or buildings, please contact Campus Facilities or Maintenance Services.

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Division 01 - General Guidelines

    Facility Life Cycle Design Guidelines 2008

Division 2 - Site Work (all sections) (180K)

Division 3 - Concrete (all sections)

Division 4 - Masonry (all sections)

Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection (all sections)

    07180 Water Repellents
    07200 Insulation
    07250 Fireproofing
    07530 Single Ply Membrane Roofing
    07600 Sheet Metal Flashings
    07900 Joint Sealers

Division 8 - Doors and Windows (all sections)

    08410 Aluminum Entrances and Storefronts
    08520 Aluminum Windows
    08710 Door Hardware
    08920 Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls

Division 9 - Finishes (all sections)

    09260 Gypsum Board Systems
    09510 Acoustical Ceilings
    09660 Resilient Tile Flooring
    09665 Resilient Sheet Flooring
    09678 Resilient Base and Accessories
    09900 Painting

Division 10 - Specialties (all sections)

    10100 Visual Display Products
    10155 Toilet Compartments
    10260 Wall and Corner Guards
    10440 Interior Signage
    10440CAD Interior Signage CAD drawing
    10520 Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets

Division 13 - Special Construction (all sections)
    13825 Card Access Security System

Division 14 - Conveying Systems (all sections)
    14200 Electric Traction Elevator
    14300 Electric Hydraulic Elevator

Division 15 - Mechanical (all sections)
Revisions and Updates Below:

DG15-0 Basic Mechanical Guidelines and Methods
General, General Codes, Submittals, O&M Manual Requirements, Shop Drawing Handling, Mechanical Identification, Mechanical Commissioning
DG15-1 Building Service Piping
DG15-2 Process Piping
Special piping systems & components
DG15-3 Fire Protection Systems & Equipment
Fire Pumps, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Extinguishers Gas Systems, Fire Hydrants, StandPipe & Hose, Fire Detection & Alarms
DG15-4 Plumbing Systems and Equipment
Fixtures, Piping, Equipment, Domestic Water Heaters
DG15-5 Heating Systems & Equipment
DG15-6 Refridgeration Systems & Equipment
Refrigeration Piping System, Condenser Water Piping, Refrigerationi Compressor, Condensing Units(Air/Water), Chiller (Electric/Steam) Evaporators, Package DX , Split DX, Cooling Towers Cooling Tower Water Treatment
DG15-7 HVAC Equipment
DG15-8 Air Distribution
DG15-9 Building Automation Systems & Controls
Sequence of Operations

Division 16 - Electrical : Table of Contents
Revisions and Updates Below:

DG16-0 General Electrical Design Guidelines  rev: 6/22/06
Quality of Workmanship, Inspections, Codes and Standards, Basic Design Materials and Methods, Submittals, Spare Parts and Equipment, Warrantees, Temporary Electrical Service, Electrical Installation, Cleaning and Turnover
DG16-1 Electrical Systems and Components
Distribution, Wire-ways, Wires, Devices, Equipment, Drives, Panels, Labeling and Identification, Breakers, Frequency Drives
DG16-2 Lighting
Lamps, Fixtures, Coverage, LEvels, Controls, Ballasts, Reflectors
DG16-3 Alternative Power Systems
UPS Systems, Generator Systems, Battery Power Systems
DG16-4 Primary Voltage Electrical Distribution System
Equipment, Controls, Metering, Trip Devices, Underground Distribution
DG16-5 Security Systems
University Security Policies, Responsibility and Intent, University Card Access System, Digital Video Surveillance Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Equipment Alarms
DG16-6 Fire Alarm Systems
Alarm and Detection Systems, Panels, Type of System
DG16-7 Control Systems
Electrical Systems Control
DG16-8  Electrical Metering
DG16-9 Electrical Testing, Startup and Commissioning
Testing, Startup and Commissioning
DC16-10 Electrical Trades - Preferred Manufacturers List
Electrical Systems and Components, Lighting, Alternative Power Systems, Special Systems, Testing, Startup and Commissioning

Division 17 - Communications : Table of Contents
Revisions and Update Below:

DG17-0 General Systems Guidelines
Quality of Workmanship, Inspections, Codes and Standards, Basic Design Materials and Methods, Submittals Required, Spare Parts and Equipment, O & M Manuals, Warrenties, Temporary Installation, Cleaning and Turnover
DG17-1 Outside and Inter-Building Systems
Manholes, Duct Systems, Outside Cable, Fiber, Copper, and Building Entrances
DG17-2 Rooms / Spaces and Facilities
Space Requirements, Space Configuration, Equipment Racks, Power Sources
DG17-3 Building Pathways
Trunk Pathways for Cable System within a Building, Conduits, Cable Trays, Work Area Outlet Paths and Boxes
DG17-4 Building Riser Cable Systems
Cabling Interconnecting Communications Spaces within a Building
DG17-5 Access and Outlet Locations
Considerations in Definition and Location of Outlets
DG17-6 UTP Horizontal Distribution
Copper User Connection Cable System
DG17-7 Fiber Optic Horizontal Distribution
Fiber User Connection Cable System (seldom required)
DG17-8 Wireless Network System
Wireless Ethernet Access Points, Antennas, Inside and Out
DG17-9 Broadband Video / CATV System
Provisons for Distribution of WMU EDUcable and CATV Distribution
DC17-10 System Identification, Labeling, Administration
Sources for Construction Identifications of System Components, Labeling Requirements, Drawings and Other Submittals Required
DC17-11 System Testing, Startup and Commissioning
Documentation, Cutover and Training, Testing and Commissioning Requirements
DC17-12 System Terminology, Definitions, and Design Rationales
Terms, Definitions, University Terms, and Design Clarifications

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